how to start blogging for free and make money

 how to start blogging for free and make money

how to start blogging for free and make money

What is blog? how to start blogging

Blogs, an enigmatic form of online expression, are websites that center on the art of written discourse, commonly known as blog posts. While news blogs and celebrity blog sites dominate the mainstream, the limitless potential of blogs transcends into any conceivable topic, as this comprehensive guide will reveal.

Bloggers, endowed with the liberty to express their perspectives in a personal manner, forge an intimate bond with their readers. The interactive nature of most blogs, manifested through the comments section, further nurtures this connection by fostering correspondence between the blogger and the reader.

The unparalleled opportunity for direct engagement with readers constitutes one of the prime advantages of starting a blog. Through this interaction, bloggers can exchange ideas with kindred spirits and cultivate trust and loyalty among their readers. Moreover, this trust serves as the gateway to monetizing one’s blog, a topic that will be explored later in this guide.

Thus, right away, how about we jump into the universe of publishing content to a blog and open its vast potential outcomes!


How to start a blogging for free in some easy step

Creating a blog using is really easy. I’ll give you a few easy instructions and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Sign up for blogger

first go to home page and sign up! before that you need one google account so first create one google account that you want use in
once you have entered with your google account you will see new blog on your home page
click on new blog on blogger to start blogging,

Step 2: Enter title name blogs address

here first you need to choose a name for your blog, this title will be displayed at top of your blog, then after you need to select domain address, if it’s already taken, you will see a error like not available. Make sure to come up with a unique name,
how to start blogging for free and make moneyhow to start blogging for free and make money

Step 3: select theme

go to them section and select theme  & select a template from the options provided in the theme box. You can choose many more templates and customize your blog you can customized that later after add some blog post,

Step 4: Creating new blog posts

how to start blogging for free and make money
Creating new blog posts


Most important part for blogging you need to write attractive blog for reader Click the button “Create New Post”  on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter any topic title that you want write and start writing content that you want.
After complete your article writing you need to follow some more step to rank that article on google ranking, add label according to your article and keyword
how to start blogging for free and make money

Publish post and share it social media, here in just 10 minute you successfully create and publish your blog In blogger,

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an internet publicizing program presented by Google that permits site proprietors and content designers to acquire income by showing advertisements on their sites or YouTube channels. It works on a compensation for each snap (PPC) model, where site proprietors bring in cash when guests click on the promotions showed on their locales. The program offers a few advantages, including simple arrangement, automated revenue, adaptability in picking promotion organizes, many sponsors, and execution following. To begin with Google AdSense, site proprietors need to pursue a record, follow the basic arrangement process, and redo the promotion configurations to match their site’s look and feel. AdSense additionally gives nitty gritty execution following and detailing for advancing promotions for better execution. Notwithstanding, it’s essential to comply to AdSense approaches and rules and stay away from normal slip-ups to guarantee a good outcome with the program. With its capability to produce income and support online organizations, Google AdSense has turned into a well known decision for content designers and site proprietors.

how to start blogging for free and make money

Click on earning tab and go to AdSense menu, here if you have already AdSense account you need to direct connect AdSense account , if you don’t have AdSense account then you need to create new AdSense account by your google account and connect it,

You can apply for AdSense to start earning money once your blogspot blogs have begun receiving a respectable number of visitors from search engines. If you aren’t bringing in at least 300–400 unique visitors per day, wait to apply for AdSense. Otherwise, getting your account accepted is quite difficult.


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